Customers include Building Owners, Mechanical Contractors, HVAC Contractors, A/C Contractors, General Contractors, Commercial Building Managers, Plumbing Supply Wholesalers, A/C Supply Distributors, other Sheet Metal Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Race Car Parts Distributors, Fan Manufacturers and HVAC Equipment Suppliers.

Double Wall Square to Round fitting with round flange and rectangular ductmate flange.  

Solid metal outside sheet with 1", 1.5" & 2" insulation and a solid or perforated inner metal sheet. 

We can Fabricate most fittings and duct in a double wall configuration.

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Roof Curbs
Metal Roof Curbs can be made any size, shape and most sheet metal thickness. We can fabricate curbs from Galvanized steel, Aluminum, Copper and Stainless Steel.  Curbs can have either welded or bolted seems.  Welded seams are painted with zinc rich paint to prevent rust.  

Options include 1.5" rigid insulation, gasket on top flange or wood nailer, damper flange, top flange can be turned in as shown or turned out and a solid or perforated inner metal liner can also be installed.

Curb adapters can also be provided for your existing curb to fit new equipment. 

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